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SNACK/DRINK MACHINES >> NON-REFRIGERATED MACHINES >> Large Non-refrigerated Machine (KM710M10)

KM710M10 (S770M10) - Large Non-refrigerated Machine with 10" Ad-Screen

Main Features:

  • With a 10” Media Player for advertising purpose;
  • Support Nayax VPOS Reader for Bank Cards and Mobile Payments;
  • Double Door Structure separates the control system from merchandise area;
  • 45/90 Degree Two-Stage Tiltable Shelves make maintenance much easier; 
  • Tray Spacing is adjustable by each step of 15mm height; 
  • Label Holders fixed on the front-end of each tray for ID & Price labels;
  • Drop Sensor installed in delivery bin to assure product delivery;
  • LED Strip Lighting, super bright and energy saving;
  • PCB Controlled Keypad, more sensitive and durable;
  • MDB and DEX ready, supports Cashless Payment system and Telemetry system;
  • Optional with Master Keyed Door Lock for easy management;
  • Optional with 4.5mm Perspex glass door instead of normal toughened glass door.

Product Parameters:

  • Dimensions/Weight: D800mm x W1220mm x H1900mm, 225Kg;
  • Power Consumption: 110-240V, 50/60Hz, 50W by average;
  • Selections & Capacity by Default: 6 trays, 31 selections, and total 335 items;
  • Shipping Load: 10Pcs/20'GP;  23Pcs/40'GP


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