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Established in 2004 and located in Shanghai, Panda Vending Limited is a professional and experienced supplier of vending machines, amusement machines, self-service equipment, and other intelligent commercial equipment. We have extensive and long-term cooperation with numerous manufacturers throughout China, and also we work as the Exclusive Export Agency of Hunan Kimma Intelligent Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd., taking full charge of the sale of their snack/drink vending machines in overseas market.


Currently, we can offer bulk vending machines, snack/soda vending machine, coffee vending machines, popcorn vending machines, various small items vending machines, kiddie rides, toy crane machines, body scales, shoe shining machines, ticket redemption machines, arcade game machines, ice cream machines and many other automated commercial equipment.

Our products are strictly manufactured under the requirements of the relevant international standards such as UL, CE and RoHS, and have been sold to the worldwide markets, including Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. As always, we receive high praises from our clients for our competitive products and good service.


All our staff are good educated, with good knowledge on our products, and can well understand the needs of our customers. Our experienced engineers are always trying to improve our quality and develop new models to help our customers expand their business.  


Though we don't have a service center abroad, we always try to give our clients the best after service by providing them with spare parts and technical support. For any complaints from customers, we'll be always active and enthusiastic to respond and find out the solution in the shortest time.


Our goal is to be an international vending & self-service equipments supplier worthy of trust, and we are dedicated to benefiting our customers by minimizing their costs with reasonable prices and maximizing their profits with trouble free machines.



Choose "Panda Vending", Choose a Most Valuable Business Partner! 




704A/1, 1029 Kongjiang Rd, Shanghai 200093, PRC. Tel: +86-21-55807515 WhatsApp: +86-13611621468 (Stone); +86-15901714997 (George)
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