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GUMBALL/CANDY MACHINES >> Gumball Pinball Machines (TR902/TR904)

TR902 - Double Canister Gumball Pinball Machine

1. Available Themes: Soccer, Dinosaur, Pirates and Outer Space.


2. How to Play: After putting coin(s) in and clockwise twisting coin-mech handle for 360 degree, two balls will be released from the 2 individual canisters: one ball goes to dispensing outlet directly and the other ball goes onto playfield for a challenge of pinball game. There are 1 goal and 3 holes of loss on the playfield (you can choose to open all the 3 loss holes or not). Try to shoot the ball into the goal using the plungers on both sides of the table end, or you will lose the game if the ball goes into any of the loss holes. It's choosable to dispense only one ball for a play-until-win game or for a challenge game.


3. All metal construction with anti-vandal PMMA table cover and canister window.


4. Dimension: D75*W36*H119cm(unboxed, w/base) / 78*48*64cm boxed, w/stand).


5. Weight: 30Kgs (net, including stand) / 32Kgs (gross, including stand).


6. Coin Adaptability: any coins within 28mm*3.5mm, max 4 coins per transaction.


7. Vending Size: 25mm-32mm gumballs or bouncy balls.


8. Capacity: about 1000pcs of 27mm balls or 700pcs of 32mm balls.


9. Container Load: 125pcs/20'GP; 270Sets/40'GP.

TR904 - Single Canister Pinball Gumball Machine

1. How to Play: put in coin(s) and clockwise rotate coin-mech handle for 360 degree, 3 balls will be released to playfield for a challenge of pinball game. There are 3 holes on the playfield: two for win and one for loss. Manipulate the launchers on both sides of the table end to shoot the balls into the holes of win, and you will lose the balls which go into the hole of loss.


2. All metal body with 6mm tempered glass table cover and PS container window.


3. Dimension: W/50*D/70*H/114cm (unboxed); 52*75*118cm (boxed)

4. Weight: 40Kgs (net) / 42Kgs (gross)

5. Color: Red+Yellow, or customized

6. Accept any coins within 28x2.8mm, and support 1~2 coins per play.

7. Vending Size: 27-32mm gumball or bouncy balls.

8. Capacity: more than 1000pcs of 27 gumball or bouncy balls.

9. Container Load: 60pcs/20'GP, 160pcs/40'HQ

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