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SMALL ITEM VENDORS >> CONDOM/BOX/MISC VENDORS >> 4-Selection Small Items Vendor (TR644)

     TR644 - 4 Selection Small Items Vendor

  • Item No.: TR-644

  • Features: 1. No Electric Hook-up; 2. High Capacity Spiral Columns; 3.Transparent Observation Window; 4. Wall Mounted

  • Coin-Mech: Adaptable for any coins within 28mm diameter by 3mm thickness, and allows max 4 coins per transaction;

  • Selections: 4 selections based on 4 spiral columns;

  • Capacity: 9-27 items per column depending the product size;

  • Applicability:  various small items, such as Non-Prescription Medicine, Foiled Condom, Wet Tissue & Sanitary Pad.  

  • Size(mm): 670 x 520 x 110 (machine); 750 x 650 x 180 (boxed)

  • Weight: 16Kg (machine); 18.5Kg (boxed)

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