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COFFEE/TEA MACHINES >> SPECIALIZED MACHINES >> 5-Selection Drink Powder Dispenser (HV201)

HV201 - 5 Selection Instant Drink / Soup Powder Dispenser

Designed for Office, Convenience Store or Food Service. These locations can now control what the coffee drinker uses by providing condiments at specific gram throws. Dispenses coffee condiments, gourmet soups, hot cereals, cocoa, flavored hot & cold beverages, and cappuccino

* Increase profit margins
* Speeds up beverage preparation
* Environmentally friendly
* Prevent pilferage
* Use any cup size up to 64 oz.
* Five hoppers hold up to 3 lbs each
* Each selection individually programmed
* Manual press and hold or portion control
* Size(W*H*D): 32x29x42cm(unboxed) / 48x38x51cm(boxed)
* Weight: 13Kg(net) / 15kg(gross)
* Power: 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz, 20Watts
* Container Load: 398Pcs/20'GP, 862Pcs/40'GP

* External Cup Holder
* TR315 Multi-Coins Acceptor (Normal Type).

 HV201 - 5 Selections Powder Dispenser Operation Manual

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